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Electronic Banking and Card Services 

In 2004, Bank Audi established a state-of-the-art cards center in Lebanon dedicated to serving its regional network. Since then, the Bank has relentlessly sought to widen its card offering. Today, Bank Audi encompasses the most innovative and differentiated card products (credit, debit, prepaid, charge, installment and co-branded cards), as well as the most technologically advanced electronic payment solutions, catering to individuals, governmental institutions and corporations and provided through electronic terminals and e-Commerce.

The Bank is a principal issuing and acquiring member of both MasterCard and Visa since 2003. In addition, the Bank has engaged in an exclusive partnership with American Express, which has resulted in the introduction of a range of innovative payment cards with competitive features offered for the first time in the region.

The Bank’s cards center is designed to answer the market’s needs in the field and to serve the Bank’s network in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Syria and all other countries where it is present in the region.  

I- “Enjoy Bank Audi Card Collection”

Under the banner “Enjoy the Card Collection”, Bank Audi proposes a large collection of elaborately diverse cards distributed under the following categories:


II- Loyalty Program
Bank Audi cardholders can benefit from 3 different loyalty programs, each one tailored to satisfy a specific set of requirements and lifestyles:
1- a. “Audi Rewards”
“Audi Rewards” is a program based on a points accumulation system that allows cardholders to earn points whenever they use their card to pay for their purchases, then convert them into exciting rewards that they can select from the “Audi Rewards” catalog. These rewards range from home appliances and electronics to a large variety of gifts that answer different needs and lifestyles.
    b. “Kids Rewards”
As an extension to the “Audi Rewards” catalogue, “Kids Rewards” is the first loyalty program in Lebanon targeting children exclusively. This special edition catalog offers customers the chance to redeem the points they have collected by using their Bank Audi credit cards or 24/7 debit card and offer their young ones a wide variety of children fun and educational games to choose from.

2- Mileage Program
Bank Audi and Middle East Airlines (MEA) have teamed up to present a co-branded card which grants cardholders free Cedar Miles with every purchase on their Cedar Miles card. The miles are then redeemable against free airline tickets, excess luggage allowance and ticket upgrades.

3- Airtime Talk
In partnership with Alfa and mtc touch mobile phone operators, Bank Audi grants its “Loubnani” cardholders the possibility to accumulate free airtime minutes with every purchase on their card thanks to the "احكي لبناني" program. In turn, this airtime program results in reduced monthly bills for their mobile phones.


III- E-Services
The Bank has introduced a range of e-Services linked to its cards and providing cardholders with an efficient tool to control their card expenses and detect fraud.


IV- Merchant & Government Solutions
Bank Audi is the first bank in Lebanon to implement a wide range of electronic payment services tailored to the needs of all consumers, merchants and financial institutions.

1. POS Terminals:
The POS payment solution is the ideal way to acquire electronic payments from MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards on-site.

2. Audi E-Payment:
Our online payment gateway is fully compliant with international standards of security systems including “Verified by Visa” and “MasterCard Secure Code” which have strong authentication technologies to protect all online transactions against fraud.

3. Audi GPRS payment system:
Bank Audi offers its participant merchant network the new portable POS machine, a wireless payment solution based on GPRS technology which instantly accepts all kinds of payment cards.

4. Government Solutions:
Bank Audi was the first bank to introduce a government card in Lebanon for employees of the Central Bank. The card offers a cost-effective way to automate salary payments to all employees, regardless of whether they have Bank Audi accounts or not.


V- Other Online Payment Solutions
Bank Audi has developed a number of online payment facilities to answer its customers’ needs, from settling mobile phone invoices and recharging mobile phone accounts to buying cinema tickets online.