University Loan
Because Higher Education is a Lifetime Investment


Settle your fees at our ATMs

USJ students can easily and safely settle their tuition fees, by using their debit card or making a cash deposit, at any Bank Audi ATM.

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Finance your Education at 0% Interest Rate

In collaboration with Saint Joseph University, Bank Audi proudly offers you its Education Loan.
University students can now easily settle their tuition fees. They are not requested to pay back these loans until the end of the grace period, starting one year after graduation.

If you want to pursue your education and you need financial assistance, apply to our Educational Loan Program. Carry on your studies with confidence through a comfortable repayment plan while enjoying many benefits.

Education Makes a Difference
Plan for a better future and start your career on solid grounds.


  • Currency: LL
  • Loan tenure
    - Grace period: Education period plus 1 year after graduation
    - Reimbursement period: Up to 10 years
  • Interest rate: 3.5% per year (0% for USJ students recommended by the Social Service)
  • No File Fees – No Commissions

Terms & Conditions:
Student must be resident and above 18

Required Documents:

  • Loan Application
  • Warranty: 1 guarantor or any other case by case solution
  • Recommendation letter from the Social Service

Download Applications:

 Demande de Prêt Universitaire / Education Loan Application
 Formulaire du Garant / Guarantor Application
 Liste de Documents Requis / Check List of Documents
 Déclaration de Bonne Santé / Declaration of Good Health
 Questionnaire Médical / Medical Questionnaire

For further information, visit your nearest Bank Audi branch
or contact our Customer Help Desk on 04-72 77 77 or 1570.