Aug 28, 2014
May 27, 2014
Apr 14, 2014
Apr 10, 2013
Retail Banking
Determined to bring comfort and convenience into people’s financial life, Bank Audi enables its customers to stay in control...
Commercial Banking
As a leading Lebanese and regional bank, Bank Audi has always considered Commercial Banking as one of its core activities...
Corporate Banking
Bank Audi continues to expand its strong Corporate Banking franchise in Lebanon and the Middle East and North Africa...
Investment Banking
Bank Audi's Investment Banking and capital markets franchise make it a leader in primary and secondary market activities...
Private Banking
Bank Audi is one of the first banks in the Middle East with a whole Private Banking business line and dedicated entities...
Electronic Banking & Cards Services
Bank Audi offers the most innovative and differentiated card products and technologically advanced electronic payment solutions...
Consolidated Activity Highlights
(as at end-June 2014)
• US$ 39.3 billion in total assets as at 30/06/2014
• US$ 34.0 billion of customers’ deposits
• US$ 16.0 billion of net loans to customers
• US$ 2.7 billion of shareholders’ equity
• US$ 190 million of net profits in the first half of 2014


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